Wildfires – USA


Coping with a drought of historic proportions, Arizona staggered through another high-risk weekend with fires burning across the state — but no longer threatening to escape control.

The 21,000-acre Slide Fire in Sedona continues to smoulder and flare, but fire crews’ desperate efforts to use backfires and firebreaks to keep the blaze from spreading north toward Flagstaff appear to have succeeded.

#About 200 firefighters continue to monitor the fire and put out embers and sparks that spread beyond the established boundaries. Crews did call in helicopter drops when a flare-up threatened to move toward the plush Juni­pine Resort. The fire remained mostly confined to the steep canyons on the west side of Oak Creek, one of the most popular tourist areas in the state.


Wildfires swept across parts of the northeastern Negev on Tuesday, prompting authorities to evacuate residents in the vicinity as the Shavuot holiday approach.

Local authorities were dispatched to towns near the Lahav Forest after blazes raged through some 300 acres near Kibbutz Lahav.

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