Wildfires – Oregon, USA

A lightning storm ignited between 50 and 70 wildfires in southwest Oregon on Sunday. Most of the fires, however, remained small and were contained.

Two of the largest fires brought major concern, including the evacuation of around 30 homes near Jacksonville, officials said. The storm began in the morning and lasted throughout the day, bringing hundreds of strikes across the region. The two biggest fires, as of Sunday night, were the Sterling Creek Fire and Green Top Mountain Fire.

Wildfires – Yosemite, California, USA

A deadly California wildfire more than doubled in size and raged through more than 14 square miles of brush and forest Monday, blanketing much of Yosemite National Park in smoke and forcing closure of a major access road at the height of tourist season.

Fire officials had not determined the cause of the blaze that began burning Friday night along the park’s western edge, where evacuation orders were issued for a handful of small communities.

Wildfires – Sri Lanka

A group of hikers trapped in a mountainous area that was engulfed in a bush fire was rescued by a team of Sri Lanka Army personnel on Friday (13). According to Army media, the hikers who remained trapped in a forested area were save after troops were rushed to put out a fast spreading wild fire in the hilly region of Haldummulla – Wangedigala.

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