‘Drunken’ Kangaroos

Veterinarians in Australia believe they know why an increasing number of eastern gray kangaroos have been observed staggering as if drunk and dying across Victoria’s rural landscape.

The experts from the University of Melbourne say the animals could be suffering from the effects of eating new shoots of phalaris grasses, also known as canary grass.

The imported strain has been popular with some farmers even though it can cause similar symptoms in livestock, especially sheep.

Vets say that since there is no cure, the kindest thing to do is to euthanize the suffering marsupials. One of the affected roos can be seen bounding almost uncontrollably across a field.


Poachers Tried to Kill Rhinos in South African Reserve. Instead, a Pride of Lions Killed Them.

A pride of hungry lions in a South African reserve just saved the day, at least for a herd of rhinos. The poachers, who had illegally entered that reserve with a gun and axe to kill those rhinos, were not so lucky.

The big cats mauled and killed at least two — possibly three — poachers, leaving behind just their bloodied and partly-eaten body parts, according to news reports.

The illegal entrance and subsequent mauling attack happened at the Sibuya Game Reserve sometime between Sunday night (July 1) and Monday morning (July 2), according to a statement by the reserve.

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