One in five European bird species is slipping into extinction

The common brush, the common woodpecker and the nougat are among the species that are running out of extinction in Europe, according to the latest report from the continent’s red list, which states that one in five species of birds is now at risk.

From the Azores in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east, the birds that have been the cornerstone of European ecosystems are disappearing, according to analysis by BirdLife International, which is based on observations of 544 species of native birds. Three species have become extinct regionally in Europe since the last report in 2015: the Pallas agralla, the common button and the pine school.

In total, 30% of the species assessed show a decline in population, according to the observations of thousands of experts and volunteers working in 54 countries and territories. At European level, 13% of birds are threatened with extinction and another 6% are almost threatened.

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