More than 200 whales have died on a beach in Tasmania

Around 230 pilot whales were found stranded on the west coast of Tasmania in Australia on Wednesday. Despite the rescue efforts of marine conservation experts, more than 200 of the stranded whales have died.

The incident comes two years after Australia experienced its worst whale stranding in history. In 2020, some 470 pilot whales were stranded in the same location on the west coast of Tasmania, and over 350 of these whales died. Some 111 whales were rescued.

In another stranding, Australian wildlife investigators have been trying to piece together why more than a dozen young male sperm whales died in a mass stranding on a remote beach in the state of Tasmania. The 14 whales were discovered beached on King Island earlier this week, off Tasmania’s north coast.

It’s not been officially determined why mass strandings occur on Tasmania’s west coast, but wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta believes the reason might be ecological in nature.

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